Has anyone here had any experience with Warmoth guitar customization??
I am thinkin about making a custom guitar.
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its good
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they are ok for a mass produced body blank. If you ask me I say get a builder *hint, hint* to make you a complete custom body.
They are very good for parts and stuff. I would also recommend using their bodies and necks at first for a beginning luthier, but after a while you do need to learn to do it yourself.
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I personally think that Warmoth is horribly overpriced. And somewhat slow.

But you can also buy all the parts and do it yourself for A WHOLE LOT LESS MONEY. Plus, the best way to try building is getting your hands dirty. It also feels a lot of satisfactory when you make it yourself.

But from what I've got from Warmoth, its a good quality. Just horribly expensive and a little slow. Also lacks that personal aspect.
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Custom Build
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they are ok for a mass produced body blank. If you ask me I say get a builder *hint, hint* to make you a complete custom body.

if you're slow, he's talking about himself. i believe he's in business. ask him for prices.

and if i were you i'd make the body myself. as for the neck, that looks like a whole different language, buy that off of someone, as a beginner.
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Are there any websites like warmoth?
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How hard is it to cut and route a body for some one whose building their first guitar? Im getting alot of help from my dad and hes pretty good at stuff like that, but im just wondering>

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