Can anyone get me a pic of King's Red B.C. Rich V with the graphic on it. For some reason, i just cant find one. . .
Oh trust me ive tried that. Its similiar to the KKV, i think. Its red, maybe fire? and theres stuff on it. Like i said, i cant find a decent picture for donkey.

Not his guitar, but a funny picture.
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Not his guitar, but a funny picture.

ROFL. Hah, indeed.
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Not his guitar, but a funny picture.

I just have to find one of those books!
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This one ???

YOU CAN make this easier by telling in which concert he played with it .
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I dont know what concert he used it on, im not really a slayer fan. I just want that particular flying v, cause it looks sick. Or atleast i think. the only picture ive ever found of her. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-BC-RICH-BLOOD-RED-NT-Jr-V-FLYING-V-ELE-GUITAR_W0QQitemZ200020418319QQihZ010QQcategoryZ33035QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem They have right clicking disabled so i cant put the picture in here. But if you go to it and scroll down youll see a group picture of a bunch of douche bags and in the top left corner youll see the guitar.
I have this guitar it ****ing shreds.

I own it as well. But let me tell you, its nothing like Kerrys besides the shape and graphics.
it is a flying v with flame graphic/painjobs with a grey marbled design just like the one on all the other V's. He is/ was using it on the Unholy Alliance on their new **** such as cult

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i think we've been terribly mislead... are u looking for a red bc rich v jr... cuz thats what that is. kerry king has never played a guitar that looks like that unless it was like 25 years ago. a red bc rich jr v i think is what u want not actually one of kerry kings personal guitars

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Im really suprised no one put this up.

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^ I hate you, I was just about to post that.

Still fucking funny though.

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I've posted a link to a small blurry picture of it, and the video show him playing. And yea, theres grey on top of the red, and the red looks like it could be like a firestorm type thing going on. And i said "ya'l" mainly refering to the assholes reposting the idiots guide to jesus picture 9 times. Funny yes, on topic no!