This is a song my band wrote a couple months back, any opinions on it would be appreciated...

Some info on the song: first take of the band using a single mic, first take on the vocals so there not great, solos all improvised as we recorded this the day we wrote it, some reverb added and eq'ed with the little knowledge i have of recording.

Songs called Life Unforgiven

PS.. this is my first post so let me know if i did anything wrong.. Thanks in advance
its pretty good, im getting pretty sick of ballads though, thats all i hear here on the original recording forum, but its pretty good, try to make the vocals clearer and louder though
yea, i'm never sure how loud to do the vocals so thanks for the feedback
Cool a full band! I also like the vibe... I can feel it, has emotion. The record quality is very poor... but you can buy a cheap digital recorder off ebay and mix and mic everything relatively cheap. (just a suggestion)

When the song builds it seems as if the singers vocals doesnt fit into the melody. His style of vox is up and down too much.

The music is good, you guys sound tight for life. It may sound different on a better recording, but I think the lyrics may need a tad bit re-arranged to fit better, for better flow.

The lead was okay, could probably use some more catchy licks. Overall, I give it 5/10.

Keep up the good work.
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i thought it intro was awesome, it seemed to get a little lost as it went on, the vocals seemed to lose key or something and had a repetative progression, but pretty cool intro lead
Thanks, good to hear some positive feedback.

The vocals were done once just to get somethin recorded, we're hopin to record them again soon and get em on key.

As for the rest of the song, it'll definetly be redone too so we can spend some time getting better quality. The intros the only part that really came out like we wanted it to.

Again, thanks for checkin the song out and giving some opinions on it.
Crit as i listen

Recording quality isn't too crash hot but still better than most. Am liking the progression and the lead parts go well. The vocals for the most part are in tune and the parts that are I really like. When the guitars pick up, I think the vocals need to as well, it seems they lack energy compared to the guitar parts. I REALLY like the slow picking and the progression of the verse but i'm not too fussed on the chorus.

The guys got a good voice.. how longs he been singing and has he had any lessons? if not I'd suggest it coz there's great possibilities there with a bit more control. Also like the solo and the breaks throguhout. Lots of talent there guys... keep at it coz it'll be good to see you all come together.

Great ending by the way.

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Thanks, the singers been singing for a coupla years but hasn't taken lessons or anything. He can definetly sing but sometimes he has trouble with little things so yea lessons could be good.

I like that idea to have the vocals get to get more energy as the guitars pick up. I'll suggest that the next time we play the song. Thanks again.