Sorry Mods i dident really know where to put this. Ok So my dad was waching Hew Haw yesterday and they played this really Kool Russian song (just an instermental) Now i want to play it because it sounded really Kool. So Dose anyone know and Russian Song.
Specific...No sorry I can?t all I know is that the band playing the song Said it was on Old Russian Folk song or something like that. That all is know. I?m sorry I meant Hee Haw but it is an old country show
I tried but my Internet is so slow that even if i found what i was looking for i couldent download it or even Listen to it so i was hopeing someone would know some
I dont think anyone can be much help, with just that information, maybe zappp knows some songs
'Romance' by My Chemical Romance is actually a Russian Romance, I don't know how to say it properly in English, but I'm russian, so trust me, it is.

They just played a cover of it.