can some one please give me ideas on how to come up with some good metal and hardcore riffs or where i can find some or if you have one that you wouldnt mind me putting on into a song that would be great
I usually play around with different picking techniques and rythms while moving through scales. That could help.
the lesser known of the 4
hmmm, i just try and think about what i want it to sound like, and just mess around till i get something i like, try new things, learn something new, like a new scale, or a new type of playing, and that will spark the creative part of your brain, then go back and try and get what you want, listening and learning new songs is a good way also, im just basically restating what ^those guys have said, lol, but if you practice a lot of technical stuff, that will open new doors as well, cause you will learn some theory, and your hands will get more coordinated, and you will get bored as hell, lol, and you will just start jamming, thats what i do if im in a real big rut, lol, sorry for the novel, hope i helped, lol
take 3 fingers and put them on 3 strings of ur guitar on any frets. ring those out individually to see if they sound right , if they dont check which string is souding different and just move ur finger a fret up or down. Keep doing till u get a nice sounding chord.
move that shape a whole step up and down or wherever and keep experimenting by placing the fingers in different positions but near that same chord.
You'll get something for sure.
i start humming a melody out in my head and then i figure out what key i'm in then what notes i'm playing.