A friend of mine (who lacks any musical knowlege whatsoever) let me borrow a Ventura V-14 that he got from his dad. Along with letting me borrow it, he also asked me to find out how much it was worth, I looked on google and couldn't find anything. Can anyone help me out?
Ventura (often called Ventura Bruno's) guitars haven't been made since at least the 1970's. They are a Japanese made guitar of medium high quality. Those 1960-70's Japanese made guitars are IMO a sleeper value that don't get the recognition they deserve. They are IMO certainly of better quality than most of the new Korean/Chinese guitars in thier used price range. To buy a compareable quality acoustic guitar new, IMO you have to start in the $500. range.
I've owned a couple Ventura's over the years and one of my all time favorite acoustics was a Ventura V-10. EVERYBODY who ever played that guitar WANTED IT! And sadly I eventally sold it and have regretted it ever since.
Like I said, they don't tend to bring the prices they deserve. And some models bring more than others. I've been watching them on Ebay and the usual ballpark seems to $100.ish, to perhaps $300. for an extremely nice higher grade model. Just keep watching Ebay and one (of your model) will pop up. You can also go to Harmony Central.com and check the User Reviews forums for more info.
If your Buds dad wants to sell, I might be interested.
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Well, its my buddy's now, his dad is dead, and I started to teach him some stuff on it, and now he's getting interested in playing. He says he has a "nicer" acoustic in the attic, and he also supposudley has an electric with strings made out of cat guts.
i have a Ventura V696 and another one, the body is bowed in at the "hip" i guess you could say.. i would like more info myself. i LOVE this guitar.. i did a little work to it by sanding down the bridge and putting a new nut on it; the action is now very good, one of the best i have played on an acoustic. it has a really deep tone to it, very bassy. actually, power chord riffs sound just as beautiful as any acoustic riffs :P