i saw this guitar on the web the other day. and it has a ton of miniswitches. i was wonderin, what do all of them control? the only things i can think of would be phase switches, killswitches, and coil taps. but that isn't enough. i wanted to know because i have a guitar i want to customize with as many different tone combinations as possible. i know how to killswitch, coil tap, and phase switch. the rest im clueless with. please help.
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i saw some guitars that have built in switches to turn on and of effects(like phaser, tremolo, chorus,etc) that might be what there for
that guitar would have an MIDI output
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Yeah, it looks like only 3 of those are switches. the other... hundred are probably anything from tone pots with different value caps, to things like fuzz or whatever the hell.
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Probably a bunch of fuzz, phaser, and volume booster pedals in one guitar. Eddie was after all famous for most of those effects. Well, maybe not fuzz....
Series, parallel, coil splits, switch hacks, phase, killswitches, coil taps, you can do all sorts of crap. Far more stuff than I listed.
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thats a kramer ripley, it has volume for each string as well as a 3 band active preamp, master volume, piezio volume, electric -piezio switch for switching in between pickups, coil tap, and phase switch, u think thats got alot of controls u should see the 3 humbucker rippley....i have a thing for kramers
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