I dunno, this seems like the right place to put this but tell me if its not. Whats a website where I can find free downloadable backing tracks? Im specificaly looking for Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton if that matters. All I can find are sites where you have to pay but I know there are some free ones out there. Thanks.
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Also guitar pro 5 has a great WAV exporting feature, and "realistic" sounding drums and bass if you can't find what your looking for on guitarbt.com
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can anyone help me with guitar pro 5 as i have a problem. when the realistic sound engine is on the music doesnt flow smoothly it sticks quiet alot which is annoying because i would like to export them to use as a backing track. when i turn the realistic sound engine off it goes alot better but with the odd part where it jumps.
i have 512mb RAM in my computer so should that not be fine?
The realistic sound engine is processor intensive and in my opinion crap and a complete waste as it's nowhere close to realistic and muddys the sound I prefer just listening to the basic midi.
guitarbt has gone over it's bandwith limit so I can't download from there. Any others?