Wow, nice slide work! I really liked it alot, i wish there was something i could say to help crtique it but it sounds great to me.
Sounds really good, don't know a lot about slide so i can't really critique that other then to say you did a good job. Woulda been nice to hear more harmonica though, but yea.. well done.
I like it.. much cleaner than the first one I heard. good job!
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sounds pretty good, you have it all panned left though, pretty cool use of slide. seemed like maybe u were a little flat with it, but not bad, sounds pretty cool, it would cool with a solid lead starting towards the intro
^is the harmonica also on on the left, cause when i'm listening to it, the guitar is mostly left and a bit on the right
Those were great....reminded me of New Orleans blues and jazz or sumting Ray Charles woukd sing for
Ahh, slide, hooray.

You rush every now and then, but that happens without drums. This makes me think of Led Zeppelin (in a good way).

The harmonica starts a little shaky, but when it gets into the song it sounds good.

I could picture this as a slow intro like you have, but then having a bass drum on every down beat pounding and keeping the beat. Kind of picking it up; giving people something to dance to. Maybe a light distortion guitar to hold down the bottom end instead of bass.

I like this, it has possibilities. If you are interested in having the bass drum thing but can't find one, I could make a bass drums beat in two seconds for you.
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^thanks but im gonna try and improve it so its just guitar and harmonica kinda like early muddy waters, but i like the idea of having a little bit of distortion.
very boring, i think you need some harmonica and vocals and drums in there
but it isnt terrible
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Hey man, thanks for the crit of my acoustic blues piece.

I listened to this the other day, and I gotta say - it's great. I'm very much a beginner to slide playing but I can tell that was well done and played cleanly. It's going on my playlist.
what is the music theory and what does it teach you, like scales, solos, and to build speed???

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