I have this Ibanez Iceman for about 4 years now but its starting to act a little weird. I haven't really done any kind of work on it except change the strings every time they break and clean the thing but thats it. One of the things that it does is that my tuner will say every string is in tune but when i go to play certain chords, they sound slightly off. For instance, lets say I play one of those chords where you pick a note say on the 5th string, 5th fret, and 3rd string, 7th fret. It doesnt give me a solid note. it sounds like one is off a little.
Get it set up man, you should know this after 4+ years of playing.The string tension/normal playing will begin to loosen things. Even humidity and heat will put things loose after time such as intonation, action, truss rod level and such.
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I agree, no offense at all, but after 4 years you should know a) guitar adjustments, and b) "one of those chords" is not only not really a chord per se (its an interval) but that its an octave.
yeh start working on the adjustment on the guitar to make it feel better also try to do them more often. and it sounds like your intonation is off by a bit. generally try to stick to the same gauge,same company when using strings unless you wanna set it up everytime you get new strings