I right now have an epiphone les paul with SD pearly gates and a crappy spider II but now a have bout 900 dallors should I get an sg or marshall JCM 800 combo
Get the amp....SG's really do suck...Your epiphone is alot better...Don't be fooled by the name on a headstock, gibsons are only expensive for the name gibson, they are all bark, no bite.
Upgrade your amp before your guitar, or at least that's a good general rule of thumb. Your epiphone, especially with the upgraded pickups, will sound MUCH better with the Marshall than a Gibson would sound through your Spider.
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Get the amp....SG's really do suck...Your epiphone is alot better...Don't be fooled by the name on a headstock, gibsons are only expensive for the name gibson, they are all bark, no bite.

jump of a cliff, sg's do not suck, gibson do not suck. i own one and i love it. my sg sounds amazing along with my marshall. you should get the amp, your guitar is already deceant, you just need a good amp
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Get the amp....I really do suck...Your epiphone is alot better than me...Don't be fooled by my ignorance, you should get that amp and not listen to anything else i try to advise.

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Get the amp first. The SG is brilliant (I know, I play one) but the Epiphone is a solid instrument too. The improvement from the not-so-good Spider II to a JCM 800 combo, however, is monumental. You're going to play one chord out of the Marshall and be like "how did I ever play out of that piece of crap Spider!?"
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JCM 800, i was about to buy another guitar, but i realize i needed a new amp. so get the JCM!
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I'm going to go against what every one is saying here and tell you to get the amp first.
I would get the amp. I saved up and got my RR3 and fixed some stuf with it and now I still don't have a good sound becasue I don't have that good of an amp. You will look cooler with a guitar but you won't sound as good. Right now I'm screwed, I saved for 8 months to get my RR3 and stuff and now I've got to save for like a year to get a better amp. Also you'll probably feel like hte guitar isn't that great since you don't have a great amp yet. So get the amp.
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id go for the amp.

and whoever said SG's sucks, sucks! Sgs sound awesome, they cut through a mix really great. Anyone who ever said any guitar sucks, (other than copies, and cheap budget guitars), is a biased and narrowminded, ignorant person.

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Hey FFFDFEFRFKFFF how is that rr3 im looking into buying one
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upgrade amp first, and sg's are great guitars so look into that after
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The amp would pair great with your guitar you have now, and will sound even better with a better guitar.
Good amp+ok guitar > Good guitar+crap amp.
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