Which one is better? I know the Peavey Bandit has an emulator tube whereas the Vox is all tube. But i read the review on Vox that its not pure tube. Anybody can clarify this? The type of music I play is metal. it the vox sufficient enough or is the Peavey too big? I usually play in a small room or sometimes in an open area.
The AD50 only has a tube in the preamp section. I have the AD50 and it has plenty of volume for where you are playing.
THe vox has a preamp tube in the poweramp section, the preamp is solidstate modeling.

The Vox also has a larger range of sounds and has pretty good sound. tube emulation is always a marketing ploy, but vox does it the best in the catagory.
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well for metal i reccomend the roland cube 60,
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