ok, so im hunting for a new guitar, and i came across a seven string left handed schecter omen 7 (i am left handed by the way). im kindve a beginner/intermidiate player, andi figured getting a seven string would help me in the long run because im wanting to learn shred and eventually id want a seven string, just because, its cool, lol, so i figured if i bought it now itd save me from having to buy a seven string in the future. but i was told that seven strings are more for experienced players, but i figured its just one extra string, so it shouldnt be all that bad, and id get used to it and itd help me out.... so would it work out if im not that experienced and got a seven string? and another thing, how smooth is the action on the schecter omens 6/7s?
well i'm left handed and i ordered a custom hellraiser and it plays excellent. the action is very low with no fret buzz at all. don't go for the cheaper schecters if you look to make a good investment in a left handed guitar.
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try one out and the neck is probably thicker to accomodate that extra low b string. id suggest you try one out to see if you really wanna buy it.