We've been looking for a mixer in the $300-ish price range, and we've come up with these:

Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro Micro Mixer
Behringer Eurotrack UB2442FX-Pro
Yamaha MG16/4 16-input 4-bus mixer
Peavey P14 Mixer

We know little about mixers, so out of these (or any other in my stated price range), what would you guys recommend?
I have the Behringer UB2442FX-PRO mixer you speak of. Reviews say that they're about equivalent to the Mackie VLZ series, only at half the price. It is very versatile, and sounds totally fine to my ears. Pretty transparent. We recorded probably 70% of the tracks on our album through it, and it turned out (I think) very decent for a home recording or otherwise.

People talk about Behringer products breaking down. I have only had one problem with any of the few pieces of gear from them that I own, and it was with the mixer in question. About two weeks after I got it home, one of the channels died on me. I called the retail store I bought it from, who was ready to just give me a replacement until it was determined that I had filled out and sent in the warranty registration form. So, instead, they gave me an identical mixer that worked, and sent it out for repair. After a couple of weeks, I got mine back, and it has been totally fine for the two years since. People talk about Behringer's customer service (or lack thereof), and incompetent repairs department. I experienced none of that. Just to be safe, though, buy from a retailer that has an acceptable return policy.

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yeah, I've heard some great recordings with the Behringer mixers. Cheap, but very effective. There's a guy on here, corgan33, that posts his clips on here once in a while, and they are really kick ass. I asked him what he used, and it was one of the cheaper Behringer units.
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