I would take it that everyone here has a favourite band or two, and a lot of them have members in them that have some pretty sweet solo albums, for example:

Russel Allen's Atomic Soul
James Labrie's Elements Of Persuasion
Michael Romeo's The Dark Chapter
John Petrucci's Suspended Animation

Or even Tim Ripper Owens in Beyond Fear (if you want to call that a solo album of his)

Anyways, what are some other cool solo albums that you have heard of, and not just "solo albums" like Michael Angelo's No Boundaries, where they are soloing all the time.
Joe Perry
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i cant believed no1 has mentiond John Frusciante yet.

Becuase, this is the metal forum.

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I can't belive no one has mentioned Ihsahn - the Adversary yet
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i cant beleve no1 has mentioned corey taylor and jim root yet!!111111
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Bruce dickinson is pretty good
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Dan Swano - Moontower

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Ihsahn's material is pretty good.
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Dan Swano - Moontower

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Mohammed Suicmez (just stating the obvious)

wait... he has a solo album????

Karl sanders ftw
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