i was just wondering how difficult it would be to install a floyd rose on my guitar. its an ibanez rg321, with a hardtail bridge. the pickups pretty much suck too, but i thought itd be kind of a neat project sort of deal to give this thing a bit more value and make it sound well to go with my other guitars. ive never installed a pickup or anything in my life, so i was just wondering as to how hard itd be, and also any recommendations. i play mostly classic rock, blues, and some metal through a crate gt-80. as for a the floyd rose, ive heard theyre really hard to install. i know the OFR's are pricey, but would it be worth it to have a professional put it in for me after i bought it? also, any instruction to install these goodies would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
The guitar body has to be routed for the bridge. The neck has to be fitted with a locking nut as well. Unless you are good at this sort of thing, I wouldn't suggest it. The pickup change is not bad at all. There are plenty of websites that can show you what you need. If you really feel that you need a Floyd Rose. I'd suggest a new guitar instead of risking damage to yours by modding it.