This is a bit hard to explain, but when I start going a bit fast (solos. etc) I get this annoying percussive sound at the end of each note from the pick. I'm guessing this is from some sort of left/right hand miscoordination? I've been trying to work it out for a few months now, but it's still there whenever I'm not at the peak of my playing. Usually when I play with high gain it's not noticeable, but when it comes to clean solos with mild gain, it pops up. Anyway, could this be because of crappy pickups on this strat copy of mine? or is it noticeable on actual SSS strats (or other guits, rather) too? or could it be that i'm just playing with too low a volume on my amp that I can hear the pick strokes? any input is appreciated :P
i actually noticed that for the first time today.. any help would be much appreciated
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Maybe your picking is just a little sloppy so the note doesn't sound too right, when you play with lots of gain or distortion these flaws are much less noticeable. That's why you should practice on clean channels to make sure you play perfect before playing with distortion.
from what it sounds like it sounds like you're just playing sloppy it may be a left hand right hand cordination thing like if you're letting of with your fretting hand right as you're picking? try slowing down and if you don't notice the sound that's probably it
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actually, I do practice on clean 90% of the time, and I only notice it whenever I record my playing, otherwise I couldn't tell that much, so I'm still doubtful whether its' a hardware problem or not.
I think what it is, is that you are tilting the pick so that it plucks the strings, instead of just sliding off it. Or maybe you are just picking too hard.