Selecting a new amp. Tried both of them out at a music store and they both sound so good. But im not sure which to select. What would you pick if you were in my situation?
Vox, hands down. You may like the spider now, but in reality, the tone is horrible. I know a guy who bought a Spider 2 half-stack, and now he can't get rid of it. Vox on the other hand, has excellent tone for a hybrid, and will last you a long time.
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Vox all the way, I had a spider as my first amp and then 3-4 months later wanted to kill myself
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No problem! It's what we troll the forums for
All Hail! The Kala-Kala Chieftain!
Don't forget to get the Vox Footswitch, you will cry for it if you plan to gig!
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VOX all the way
VOX AD50 VT+crappy "Fender" from COSTCO!=ok tone!
I need a new guitar