i can improvise and play pretty well but when it comes to the open position like in the e minor pentatonic for example, i cant seem to play as well. i think my problem is my technique. when i play E minor up at the 12'th fret i know that my index plays the notes on the 12 frets and my other fingers do the other stuff. but there is nothing to barre or put my index on in the open position and that changes the way my hand is positioned on the neck and how i play. is there a certain way to play the open scales better? how should i have my hand? should i not use my index? i like to play alot of blues and its hard to get some good fills in between chords because i suck at open stuff.

any help would be nice, or maybe some nice runs to practice to get me used to the open position.
you could use your index finger to fret the 2nd or 3rd fret notes in the scale, perhaps?
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use your index to hit every note on the 1st fret.. middle finger 2nd fret, ring finger 4th fret.. pinky 5th.. you get the idea.

practice the major scales and minor with using one finger per fret