so i tried lowering the action on my guitar with a tune o matic bridge, and the bridge hit the body and wont go any lower, yet the action is about 2mm off the 12th fret. is this a bad thing? is there anyway i can make it go lower?
thats quite low and for crying out loud dont ****ing adjust the truss rod unless you have checked out your neck relief. anyway what is your string gauge?
that means your action will be higher and there may be more tension on the neck therefore you may need to do some slight adjustment to the truss rod
You don't use truss rod to adjust action....you use it to check neck relief.

If it's still too high, then you adjust your neck.
if there is excessive neck relief, this means the action wont be able to go super low, this sounds like what is happening if the bridge is as low as it can go and still 2mm from the 12th fret, fret the 6 string at the first and 12th frets and look at what sort of gap between the 7th fret and string.
file the bastard down! thats what i did on my acoustic lol!
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check your nut height. my les paul had a high nut when i bought it, took me a day or two to figure out that was causing my high action problems. just needed filing down.
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What guitar do you have? If its a bolt-on then its possible to lower your action a bit more.

If you're not happy with your action, and the lowest still doesnt seem to cause buzzing, and you STILL wish to lower the action but your bridge wont go down anymore, just do a normal neck-shim routine. Place a business card folded about 3-5 times inside your neck pocket to increase the neck height. Technically this will increase your neck and it'll be closer to the strings.

Always check the low and high e spacing on the 20th fret (where the neck meets the body) and make sure they're the same. If it doesnt, then you need to loosen the bolt a bit and adjust it to proper placing then tighten it again.
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