so i wrote this song two nights ago, and recorded it today. Its kind of a cheesy acoustic rock thing, but i think its got some nice hooks to it. So tell me what you think, and ill comment back on any of your pieces.

heres the song
"so far from a dream"

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Thats better than alot of stuff ive been listening to in this forum.
question: what kind of recording software/setup do you use? I just cant get the sound I want out of mine, doesnt sound full enough you know?
Impressive . I especialy liked the slightly angry chorus and the layering of the vocals about 48 seconds in. i didnt expect it after the mellow begining.

Good **** , make the song longer
for equipment i was using a BR-1600 Digital Audio Workstation. I programmed the drums on the br-1600. I used a Guild acoustic guitar, and a ****ty squier bass. And i used an AKG 414 on the vocals, and then layered them.

thanks for the crit.
ill go crit for crit with anyone who wants some feedback
sounds good, good recording quality. Thats not your full voice though at the beginning, and its pretty obvious, but the music is good, and the chorus has ur full voice, cool chorusing with the different octaves. good stuff, all i wuold say is may add some range to the intro with ur full voice, but i like ur ideas, and this is a pretty good quality recording too, rock on