Hey guys... Two of my buds and myself decided just to tape a cover of little sister by Queens of the stoneage on my digital cam. The kid playing drums is actually the other guitarist, (only been playing drums like a year) but were kind of in between drummers and just love to jam. Thanks in advance and please post links to your songs and i will crit them for you.


link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-P9XQE_idTQ
Thats pretty good only problem is in the chorus the drums drown out the guitar hahaha but besides that it's pretty good. The vocals could be better but hey could I do any better? Nope. That was good liked it 7/10.
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that kinda good! vocals could be bettar, but i'm in no position to say that lol. great tone, and i love that song as well lol. doesnt QOTSA have 2 guitarists? ok im rambling now
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this is pretty cool!! vocals area bit dull, but something i suppose to give direction to the song.. for the break down you need a boost of gain etc. but its pretty cool!!
I liked it, vocals were pretty good, but yeah the drums did drown the guitar and bass out in the chorus. Good job though, i'd give it a 8/10!
Pretty damn good. 8/10

I'm guessing you're the guitarist of teh band, so what guitar did you use there?

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There, that was my friends ESP Truckster, my epi les paul was at the luthier getting a setup for college. Thanks for the comments