hi i'm a bass player (been playing almost 3 years) and recently i started playing the guitar (recently being the beggining of spring, though i've owned one for 2 years i never really learnt more than a power chord untill mid april). i've improved alot scince i started and can play 4 moveable scales, all major and minor barre chords, alot of open chords, major 7th barre chords and of course power chords (i am a bass palyer in a punk band). however my problem is i'm kind of stuck where i am, right now i'm trying to learn how to shred but i can't seem to really get it or for that matter get any better. is there any advice or any drills that could get my speed up and get me playing better

i've already mentioned that i play in a punk band but my heart is really in Funk-rock and just realyl cool stuff, i want to learn all genraes (except green day, i just don't like them)
ummm practice and practice slowly for sure. check out Steve Vai - Tender Surrender and skip some part if you dont think you can play it
use a metronome. what scale are u using?

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Use the scale you like and just loop it over and over again using a metronome. You can do 1/2/triplets/4nps and so on depending on your speed. Start slow, gradually increase in speed, dont rush, let it be comfortable to you then only you start speeding up. Practicing licks are also highly recommendable as you will learn much on artists' way and technique. I dont recommend you doing chromatic drills as it'll just bore the hell out of you and there arent much technique there.
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