I have a shibby squier stratocaster. Anyway, i was changing my strings as usual, then suddenly things got a little messy, i wont go into the details. Basically, my bridge thingy popped out, and I had to put it back in. However, when I put it in, the low E string buzzed, so i figured maybe I'd twist a few screws, figuring maybe the action was a little low. Well, it got worse, and now it's pretty messed up, the strings buzz.

First question is, there are many screws you can adjust obviously. There are basically two big ones that hold down the bridge, and the bridge i guess rotates a little on these screws when you use the whammy bar. Should I touch those a lot or no?

Secondly, the strings rest on I guess....pegs or something, and each has 2 small screws. How does that affect the strings?

Thank you very much...I play guitar a lot, but dont know crap about guitars.
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two big screws that hold the bridge are there to adjust your action. and touch that for low action for all strings.

the pegs you talk of are your saddles. that affects your string height for futher adjustment or more fine tuning which is what you use after you set the general action.

which strings buzz? where does it buzz at?
the "pegs" the strings rest on are where you will be adjusting your action. using a small allen key/wrench clockwise on the two small screws to raise it, and make sure the two screws in each peg are level with each other, and you should be set
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