Hey, i dont know if anyone has used the Danelectro Free Speech Talk Box, but alotta reviews say it needs a tone control...... couldnt the tone be changed by a seperate pedal... or even at the amp... or even at the guitar itself! im just wondering if anyone knows anything about that... coz i dont wanna have to get a PA blah blah blah for something im not gonna use EVERY song... i just want it for occasional use and to play around with but i mean... i was thinking about it and i thought couldnt you change the tone with another pedal or somethin? any help would be great.
From what i've heard its not too great, it distorts at loud volumes and you can make it out very clearly.........but i havent heard anything about a tone control, the only thing i can think of doing it to possibly shove an EQ pedal in front of it to slightly shape the sound??
Thats why i got a chunky ass amp to amplify the sound up hmmm id use my own distortion infront of it i think it has a nice eq in it