my band hasnt been together long and we need some songs that arnt too hard to play but still fun. were into everything from classic rock,80s metal,early metal (sabbath, zepp). Also, we have 2 guitarists (lead and rhythm) and we usually make 2 guitar parts but if theres already 2 guitar parts that would help. the songs we do often are things like stranglehold,purple haze,polly,la grange. Any suggestions would be helpful.
umm, i suggest

for whom the bells toll - Metallica


lord of this world - Black Sabbath

mybe some offspring, if ure vocalist can sing like that, and if hes mega awesome singer, the muse

but they dont fit into metal so maybe not so yeh the two i sggested are good ones
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AC/DC and Aerosmith are two classic rock bands I can think of that have a lead and a rhythm part for each song.
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Anything by Weezer. Plus weezer songs are usually popular at bars.
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