my band hasnt been together long and we need some songs that arnt too hard to play but still fun. were into everything from classic rock,80s metal,early metal (sabbath, zepp). Also, we have 2 guitarists (lead and rhythm) and we usually make 2 guitar parts but if theres already 2 guitar parts that would help. the songs we do often are things like stranglehold,purple haze,polly,la grange. Any suggestions would be helpful.( ps i know this should be in bandleading but nobodys in there right now so sorry lol)
some metallica or megadeth maybe? its a bit of a change to what you're playing currently but its the type of stuff most bands play when they're starting out.
Try and organize which song you guys like most, usually that'll bring back the old memories and feel. And yeah, try some of Metallica, Ozzy, Sabbath, Megadeth, or anything to get your moods up. Also, splitting the rhtym is also a good idea, the person that's gonna do the solo should roll the volume down a bit so that the main rythm could be heard, dont sunk the lead guitar too much or it will just produce 1 rythm sound (if the song has only 1 rythm).

There's much to experiment and to try. You could also try 1 guitar do main rythm while another one do the high octave of the same rythm part.
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