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there's one indiezine around here but it prolly won't interest you much cause it's writen in portuguese. mondobizarro
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The Fly's good. And free.

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I concur.

Is it my imagination, or is the NME even more patronising than usual? I was flicking through it in Smiths yesterday (I didn't buy it because I'm not a cunt) and there was one of those 'Classic Album' features on Reign In Blood where you'd have thought that the author assumed that the reader would never have heard any music before 1993. He had to explain who the Dead Kennedys were, for fucks sake.

Saying that, with the NME's general readership...
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To be fair though, the request was for, "any magazines about upcoming Indie artists", and the NME (along with Pitchfork these days) still seems to be the one that makes acts big.
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I think Paste is a pretty good one, based on all two issues I have. Filter is pretty good as well. Spin I just can't take, though.
SPIN used to be the vanguard for TRUE indie and alternative, but lateley they've just gone to the shits. For god's sakes, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, the saviors of punk rock as we know it... I think not.

But they do have occasional good articles, I loved the article on the Lips a while back.
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Arthur Magazine, Filter Magazine, Spin Magazine.

And Joe Barge, you have the symbols in your sig mixed up. Well, I hope you do.

oh, ahaha i've had this sig for about a year and haven't even noticed it. (failed math)
Do I have to live in the U.K. to receive The Fly, because I can't find a way to subscribe on their website.
Their are a few free music newspapers that are pretty good. One's called Exclaim!, and I can't remember the other one.
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to be honest, im posting because i want to have all the posts at the top of the forum, and this is messing it up, but to make it worthwhile...

sandman magazine is alright if you live in the north, but its not as good as thee humbug, which is one of the greatest fanzines known to man. ever.
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I've heard good things about Paste and Filter. There are some Indie Magazines I just don't like.
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