I've learnt a majority of blues scales. I'm lookign for some chrods to back them up. What chords are blues chrods or what chords fit in nicely with blues scales. Thank you
usin the 1st 4th n 5th notes from a scale are quite bluesy
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Traditional theory doesn't explain blues very well .. but there is a single, commonly accepted set of three chord blues changes that has remained pretty unchanged over the years.

You can call them I IV and V and they're all dominant 7th chords.

So if you're playing in C (blues scale) your progression would be C7, F7 and G7.
^To add to that.... you could always substitute the V7 for the 7#9 to add more tension, a la Hendrix and SRV.
Yeah, there's actually a lot of subs you can make.

For blues I like using the Jazz form of the 7 chords for some reason....
You can get a lot of different blues sounds just by mixing up your 7 chord

EDIT: oh just to add this: my edg.dmusic.com site has a simple A blues progression
(I-IV-V) you can use for a backing track if you want.
I would also like to add, that for any 7th you can substitute a dominant 9th, 11th, 13th. They have added scale tones but still serve the same function. 11th and 13th chords are a little busy sounding and might not be what your looking for, but I think 9th chords sound quite nice.
Usually in Blues you avoid having smooth intervals, ie 3rds and 6ths. Similarly you might want to avoid 5ths and 4ths, as they have a plaintative tonality which doesnt convey much emotion.

My favorite one is the augmented 4th or diminished 5th which when combined with 7ths and 9ths can produce a very good sounding, if seemingly unpleasant, tone.

Another example is the augmented triad, which is made up like this: 1 3 5#.

With this grounding of using a diminished or an augmented triad to base a chord upon we can extend it further. By adding a m7 or a 9 I think you get a quite nice chord.

There are other examples of the diminished 5th interval arises, such as the maj/m chord which is: 1 3b 5 7. This also works quite well.

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