Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me. I play lots of different styles of metal and im interested in a new guitar thats good for metal with a nice clean tone as well. Im stuck between getting a dean dime o flame or a washburn dime 333 that i have seen. Also if anyone has any suggestions of other Dean guitars around the £500 price range that would be better it would be appreciated, thanks!
what amp do you use? do you want a floating trem? are there any specific body shapes you want?
i dont know about the guitars, not familiar with those models, but if you want tone id go searching around for some top of the line pickups. try some Dirty Fingers humbuckers, they are about $100 (i dont know about pounds, ikm guessing it would be within the same range)
i have a peavey bandit 112. Well i have an epi les paul standard, and a esp mc 600 but i just fancy getting a new guitar for Pantera early metallica kinda stuff. Dont mind the floating trem. I like the ml shape by Dean but not really that bothered about shape
well do you find that your amp isnt good? it doesnt have the crunch you want? doesnt help hit those screams? finds it lacks cleaniness? then id highly suggest get a new amp otherwise for the music you want. you need:
-two humbuckers
-OFR/Floating trem
-24 frets at least
-needs good hot pickups (can be replacements for stock pickups)
so yeh thats imo what you should want to look at for a guitar.