Can a combo amp (such as the Vox i think its called the CC30) can double as an amp head? because i see in music videos and live preformances that it is used as such, but i am not entierly positive, please help clear this up.
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i think youre talking about the vox AC30.

i dont think it can double as an amp head... and even if could, there's no point, really...
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Alot of combos have a line out but you must be careful to match the load on them with the extension you plan to hook up. It is a rating in ohms 4 8 or 16. You will however not see a huge volume gain in this as you still only have so much power you can just spread it out a little better. You do ussualy see a small gain in the bass output because of the larger surface area of speakers. It works great for a band tryin to keep the PA simple and not use many mics as you can just run an extension speaker on the oposit side of the stage to let the crowd/other guitarist bassist drummer whoever hear u.