What does everyone think about Under0ath. They've gotten a little bigger in the past few years but they actually go back a few years. So, anybody like them? or dislike them? Tell me what ya think.
i heard they broke up, not too sure though, only a rumor. I like them, but it's not like i listen to them a whole lot, but they're definitly not hardcore.
I love AoD thru Changing. Never really got into Chasing Safety but that might be because I never gave it a chance and never even listened to it. I listened to a couple songs from Define the Great Line on the net and decided I liked it so I bought the album and its quite good.
When Dallas was kicked out I literally hated UnderOath for a few months, then I slowly got over it. I still think their best stuff was Aod thru Changing though.
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Yeah, I haven't got my hands on their older stuff yet, but I will soon, they're a lil different than other bands. Oh, and the rumors of them splitting up were false, they have a new update on the news thing or whatever, they're still together.
i like define the great line. i was mostly suprised that i could like underoath.
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they ****n suck now, back in the day when they had dallas taylor doing vocals they sounded so much better, now their just a buncha preachy christian homos
you're not fucking hardcore, you're not fucking punk
you're not fucking good, face it you're a metal band
I don't like them. Their vocalist, you can't understand a **** he says. They suck anyways. Guitar riffs, everything. If you want good music with screaming listen to Emanuel.
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um, yes it is.

sry if you havent heard of it, death metal bands that wear girl jeans = emodeath
Well, if you just wanna listen to screaming without a meaning, I'm sure you can find another band like that, but Under0ath actually writes meaningful stuff. And that guy that said they're preachy homos or whatever, you really don't have to listen to 'em so, yeah. There aren't many christian screamo bands, there's like Norma Jean, Emery... and I can't think of any more right now. Yeah, thats it .
I recently got into Underoath after some friends suggested them, and so I downloaded a song that had the label 'Writing on the Walls', but then I saw the video the other day, and it was definitely not the same song. It starts off with a quick double bass fill sort of thing, and there's a lot of screaming. It sounds like a newer song. If anyone could tell me what song this is, that'd be great. Here's some lyrics I could pick out, if that helps:

"Oh, my God, I hate the me that I've become"
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Thanks for that.
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The gore of killing animals is supposed to scare you out of eating meat.
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