Im pretty sure they would be considered Modern Rock...I dont really know a lot about them.

But...would you consider them one hit wonders?? Ive only ever heard Lightning Crashes, maybe there is a reason why Ive only herd that one song?
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The River, I Alone, All Over You, Selling the Drama, etc. were all big hits too so no, they were not one hit wonders.
I would say one album wonders because there are several if not the whole album(throwing copper) that are good songs.
They had a decent song recently too , that got some radio play.
their 2 biggest songs are dolphins cry and they have another single with the word heaven in it but they are definitly not a one hit wonder
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No, they had like 6 hits or something along those lines. Throwing Copper is an awesome cd.
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yeah they are more one album, than one hit wonders. they are decent musicians and all but some reason never repeated their previous success.
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