Just wanted to ask what plug do i use to record via computer i already have Adobe Audition 2 and i just wanted to know what plug i need to use via Line in

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You can use the microphone input, but be mindful that you have a high risk of overloading the input. This is an impedance issue. In order to hook it up to the mic input, you need to use a $5 adaptor to convert from 1/4 Inch to 3.5 mm. The other big issue is latency which is defined as the period of time in which the guitar signal, effects processing (If any) and monitoring (If used). The computer may not be fast enough. The ideal way to go is with hardware that is designed for recording on a PC and can interface with your PC through USB or Firewire. I have the GNX4. If money is an issue, have a look some M Audio stuff or the Line 6 GuitarPort. Note: Some of the Line 6 stuff is software based and does not have true DSP, which essentially means hardware processing. Also, Line input will not work unless you drive your amp through it or a way of amplifying the signal. Again this is not ideal and you fry your sound card.
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Get a cheap soundcard. Not like a Creative/Audigy card, but one actually designed for recording. Check out the M-Audio Delta cards. They're second to none in the bang for the buck category. I started with a Delta 44, and now have a Delta1010 and I have nothing but good things to say about them. They typically give you 1/4" inputs. You can also get some good entry-level cards with built-in mic pres also. I think the M-Audio Audio Buddy has a mic pre and two line-ins or something like that.

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