I thinking of getting either a laney LC-30 or a VC-30. I play blues jazz and rock. Will the amp sound good with my prs se custom? also has anyone got one of these or tryed them and if so which one do you think is better?
VC30 is amazing. LC30 is good but not as good. Get yourself down to the Music Dept in town and try the VC15 they have (on the right hand side of the shop as you walk in).

EDIT: and yes it should sound great with your prs, when i tried the vc15 i was using a prs tremonti se and it sounded great.
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I use a VC30 the drive channel is good but dosn't have that much gain. The clean channel sounds brilliant and is where the amp shines.
I've heard the build quality on the LC30 is not as good but that is just what I have heard.
I've got an LC30 and it's got a very nice clean channel which works very well with pedals, but the OD channel, whilst being good could do with being a bit tighter and/or a bit brighter sounding, sounds better with an OD pedal connected, the EQ is very good and you can get a lot of very different sounds by messing about with it, the reverb is sort of OK, but the amp only cost me £359, so I'm very happy with it, though I am thinking of maybe changing the speaker in it as I ran it through an old 2 x 12" cab I had lying around and the OD sound improved significantly. The only other all tube combos in this price and power range were the Marshall DS401 (cleans not as nice, though quite a bit brighter) and the Peavey Classic - nice, but a bit crunchier than I really wanted, as well as being more expensive.
Like the dude above said it's a nice amp, but laney's have quite a dark voicing so if you don't want a dark sound dont buy it, or use a pedal, your choice. I quite like the reverb, it's spring and suits me fine. I usually have the bass on the od channel set to 4, for me it helps tighten up the sound a bit and anything over 5 is just too bassy for me, if you crank the mids a bit as well that will brighten your od tone too. The clean channel is pretty damn sexy and you can easily have the bass a bit higher on it and get a great sound, the bright switch is good too, but it doesnt work well at all if you run a distortion pedal through it with the bright switch on, but thats not really an issue for me. As far as build quality goes I've never had any problems with it at all neither have any other people on this forum that own one (as far as I know).
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What I heard about the build quality on the LC30 is that at higher volumes it could start to rattle a bit, but being that GHJ owns one he is in a better position to comment.
About Laney amps being dark sounding the VC30 is quite a bright sounding amp in my opinion.
I think the VC30 is supposed to be modelled more on an AC30, so you'd expect it to be brighter. Another interesting thing I've just noticed while tooling around with my LC30 is that with my guitars at least (G&L strat and Tele type things ) the clean channel sounds better when you use the Hi input, whereas the OD channel seems to sound better when you use the low input.
The low and high inputs on the VC30 make a big difference to the sound.
Which one you prefer is down to personal choice, but I do think the clean channel sounds better on the high input.