I've heard At Action Park and its pretty good. Big Black is better.
i have one of thier albums, i just don't care for it much really. Can't honestly say i've given them an honest chance but from i bothered to listen to i didnt like it much
I love Big Black and I think Shellac are pretty cool.

They are playing a show at a city about an hour and a half away and I want to go, but I can't drive yet!

damn laws.
Sweet... a Shellac thread.

Shellac kick ass. Definitley my favorite Albini-band.. and as far as his recording goes.. the drum style sounds best for shellac. Trainer just stomps like a madman.

They do a new song 'Steady as She goes' on my Burn to Shine DVD. It's catchy as hell.. and steve's teeth are bad as hell.

New album: I talked to Jay Ryan of Dianogah (artist from the bird machine as well) via email a month ago. He is doing the artwork for the new shellac album.. it's supposed to be out by December.. but who knows.. it might come out on vinyl and the cd won't be out until 2008 or something.

I got tickets in the mail today.. I'm seeing Shellac with Uzeda this Friday. I'm very excited.. then i have to get up early on Sat. to drive to Boston and move in at school. Ending summer with a bang.

I was just listening to 'at action park' yesterday..
One of those bands that just blew my mind when I first heard them. Amazing stuff. Was so happy when I heard they were going to be touring again as well, but then I noticed that it was only US shows, which sucks balls.

Can't wait for the new album. If it's only released on vinyl, all the better.
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^I'm due. I think it's the first concert with a band that actually really want to see.

Topic: Who doesn't find 'Didn't we deserve a look..' all that repetitive? It took me a bit, and I scoffed at people who said they actually really liked the songs (just seemed like a preten. ploy for indie coolness). But seriously, all of a sudden-- this 12 minute song became quite awesome.