I currently play in a cover and, as such, i need to come close to the effects used on the songs we cover. I own a Digitech RP300 multi-effects unit. However, i can't use that because of its amp modeling technology. Basically it's a preamp and causes all kinds of noise when i play it through my amp (on both line in and through the effects loop). Besides, i run a Mesa half-stack, i don't want a preamp. I got all the tone i ever wanted from my amp. I have searched various online stores and it seems like all the multi-effects units have amp modeling built in. I could go with stomp boxes, but with the different songs we play i would have to collect a bunch of them. Plus, i'd have to possibly buy boxes for songs we haven't done yet. So, lack of real estate becomes a concern (and loss of signal with all the boxes daisy chained). So, i'm asking if there are any multi-effects units that have, oh i don't know, only effects???? Or if there any out there that, even though they have amp modeling, will not create the noise my RP300 does? Or should i gather stomp boxes and invest big money in a switching unit? Any advice is very much appreciated.

- MM
have you checked out some rack fx yet? I have a TC G-major that I'm very happy with. Only fx, and I run in on the fx loop for my amps. If your RP300 has a midi out, you can use that to control the G-major, any midi controller will work.
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Doesn't the boss me-50 just have effects, no models.... I'm not quite sure
ME-50 is a great pedal, once again its a pre amp like floor board, but then again any pedal that boosts the signal from your guitar will act like a pre amp... so if you really have an issue with your digitech pedal try the ME-50 or try many stomp boxes... or rackmount processors in you FX loop... ect...

I personaly think a good delay, chorus, eq, and wah in the fx loop is a great addition...

also a good od pedal and perhaps the wah before it or afer it not in the fx loop is good...
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The ME-50 isn't bad. I'd also recommend the GT-6 or GT-8 for deeper effects. Just because a given multi-fx unit has amp modeling doesn't mean you have to use it...most of them allow the preamp section to be turned off like any effect block or module in the unit.
Ok, i looked up the ME-50 and think that might work. Hopefully i can find a local retailer to try one out before i pull the trigger.

Thanks all
- MM
Ok, i just read about the gt-8 and that's the one i'm gonna look at. If its MIDI functions can control my Rectifier (series 2) head for channel switching and solo toggling, i'm gonna try it out. Looks like a pretty powerful box.
- MM
good call w/ the midi controll, makes for an excellent footwitch
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Musician for 14 years. Been inactive on UG since 2007. My have times changed. It's good to be back.
The G Major is a good call. I have a Rocktron Xpression which I'm pretty happy with.
Also you could try some of the older Rocktron multi effects that are on ebay like the Intellifex or the Replifex. I've heard the older version of the later is a good unit.
The Boss stuff is good because they have a loop function and the ability to change the order of the effects chain. These functions enable you to run your amp and effects unit through each others effects loops and run effects that are meant to come between the guitar and amplifier (Compression, wah, overdrive etc) before the pre-amp section of your amp. I have a Boss GX-700 which I run this way.

Of course if you've got the cash you buy a TC Electronics G-Force which is amazing, or a Eventide! :O
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Quote by SGKIDD
I personaly think a wah in the fx loop is a great addition...

better be a damn good wah to sound great in the fx loop