....ive been curious...i was watching a video of dimebag, and he was saying that he only knew like...2 scales or whatever and that he didnt apply them when he was shredding...so my question is...how did he make his shredding sound so good without the use of scales?

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Dime learned from playing along to his favorite recorsd (KISS and the like) and playing in bands. It's pretty common to find guys of those era who aren't classically trained in normal knowledge of scales and stuff, they just played played played all they could and eventually things began to "Click".

Slash is another one of those players who didn't learn much theory from the getgo, he just stayed home for 8 hours at a time and played.

That's my guess.
I think he knew more than two scales and used them. The rest is just to get a "cooler" image.

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what is a solo?
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Slash is another one of those players who didn't learn much theory from the getgo, he just stayed home for 8 hours at a time and played

My resources say 12
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Everyone that listens to Pantera knows he used the blues scale a lot. When he did shred he used a lot of chormatics, and the blues scale. He did use his scales when he shredded, I mean for the most part he was in some sort of key(with some chromatics aht don't sound that bad if you're playing fast). I guess I agree with Muppet, he knew more than he let on.
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It's very possible to be able to play scales without knowing how to recognize or name them, think about it, an infinite combination of successive notes, wiht sharps/flats, etc..... of course, not all will sound pleasing.
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I dont know.
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For as long as Dime played, by then you would have figured out how each and every note sounded and how they could be used sequentially to lock in a specific solo that was based off of some root progressions.
it sorta like jimi hendrix he never new any scales he just played, however since he played so much eh recongnized thepatterns so in all practifcality he knew the scales