I'm in the process of trying to take a crappy Samick Strat and turn it into at least a better looking guitar, and hopefully a somewhat better playing guitar. Good luck, I know. One of the issues with this thing is some dead frets, and in fact one *bent* fret.

Having no prior experience with this sort of thing at all, how feasible is it that I can learn how to refret this craptastic axe myself?

Pics and more info at http://projectstrat.blogspot.com

Thanks for any advice or comments
Get with the tech at your loacal music store, Most of the time, Provided there not under some agreement with management, They'll explain things, perhaps even show you how to do one. The biggest problem is getting the old ones of with out cracking the fret board, They "pop" in rather easy. Some slide out the side, others will pull straight out. The replacment of the frets isnt as difficult as the Leveling and polishing. Try to find a 25 doller Guitar at a pawn shop or something and rip that apart first.

Read up on it here. http://www.fretnotguitarrepair.com/frets.htm
Google fret repair, or replacement, you'll eventuall find a step by step guide, Good luck!

As for the Gold Samik... Black Sharpie
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Have you thought about a fret-dress?? I had a fret dress done on my SG and it made it MUCH better. I dont know if that would help the bent fret.

It cost me about $125.
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I'd thought about a fret dress but only insofar as doing it myself. There was mention of getting a cheap $25 guitar and trying it out...well this is a cheap $40 guitar so I'll just go for it. Given the cost I can't spend any money on having things professionaly done, plus the point is to learn. Thanks for the suggestions up there.

If you try to refret and you compleatly mess it all up what is the worst that can happen?

If you try a fret dressing and you mess up what is the worst that can happen?

I would say try a do it yourself fret dressing and if that doesn't work then try a refret. If your guitar doesn't have bindings then refretting is pretty easy. I'm pretty sure www.projectguitar.com has info on refretting and on fret dressing. I'm also pretty sure there info on fret dressing tells you that you need some expensive fret files and sanding blocks. If you are poor like me then you can do the job with a 3 corner file and a sharpening stone. I have the expensive tools and I still do it with a 3 corner file and sharpening stoner.

So give it a shot and see what happens. if it doesn't work the enough fretwire for a whole guitar is only $6.00 (give or take) so you can try again.
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i didnt know you could get a guitar for 40 dollars.
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i say find another crappy strat copy and swap the neck out, i have a usa fender strat and i installed a srv style neck with jumbo frets and thinker neck from the warmouth guitar company ,it sounds great after dropping the tuneing down a haft step to Eflat,and playing jimi hendrix and stevie ray stuff, the neck cost 330 u.s dollars .good luck with your project bro, everyone rock on!