are they any good? Or could someone suggest a good amp arounf $200? I know this won't get you much, but I'm asking for a friend with a limited budget. Thanks
What style does he play? How much volume does he need (full band, practice amp, small gigs, etc.)?

Behringer is not a very good company. I really suggest an SWR LA12. It goes for $250, and it will last him a long time.


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^^ yeah I've heard that they're a bit cheap, compromising in tone. I don't speak from experience though.
theyre stuffs really cheap though, you could get a 4/10 stack for about 400. i assume it would sound like crap though. look into the SWR mentioned above
Do not buy it, I played a show just a while back and I used a Behringer Stack.

It was the most terrible sounding gig I have every played, it was so bad it brought the rest of the band down, no tone, a buzzing sound came from it constantly, and it was just loud, loud to the point my lows were so distorted and tinny it was disgusting.

I doubt the combo would be any better quality. Just my two cents .
Behringers are a hit or miss, Either you'll want to make love to it, or toss it outta your truck at some dude that ticked you off. I've played one before with my 5-string (BX4500 head) And it projected the B string awesome, then I played one with my 4-string (Not sure but it was a stack) And me E-string buzzed really bad and my highs sucked. So the question is, are you feeling lucky?
Thanks for the responses, I believe he is a beginner, probably doesn't even know what style he likes to play yet. But I will recommend the SWR, were it me, I think I'd buy one.
I have a 5 string fender jazz and a behringer bx4500. sounds awesome to me. But to each their own, from what I;ve heard of other behringers, they suck. One good amp out of a bunch is not a good thing, kinda like a one hit wonder after being a band for 50 years.