Dirty Old Men

The taxi's sitting outside,
And I'm still putting on my tie;
I can't seem to get it right.
I'm running late and I look a state,
At least it's not for love at any rate.

Dirty old men,
Never bored again.

While driving to the registrar,
The taxi driver says the price;
Looks like I ain't getting far.
I jumped out the cab and ran up the path,
I can't believe the luck I've had.

Dirty old men,
Never bored again.

Finally at the registrar,
I look my new bride in the eye;
The night's not very far.
But then the Russian bride,
Grabs me by my side,
And said "I know more about you than you think;
"I've taken your money, I'm taking your pride;
"The internet got you a bride,
"But the internet has spies."

Dirty old men,
Never rich again.
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