I am a brand new 2 week veteran of the acoustic guitar. If the vocals sound funny, it is probably because I am trying to play and sing, and this is the first time I've ever done this. Constructive criticism, or w/e.

not bad for 2 weeks, you do a couple wierd pauses with your voice like your trying to hard to impersonate the singer, but the key is pretty good in the vocals, overall id say very good for 2 weeks, but make the vocals comfortable for you and your

i could do without the intro talking and the woo at the end... it draws me to judgements about the person u are (obnoxious) and creates a not-so-objective crit so i did my best
Thanks so much for the feedback dude. Yeah, it wasn't the strain on my voice that made me pause, it was my forgetting of the words. LOL.

I re-recorded about twenty times. I was just so focused on the guitar, I kept messing up the lyrics. Then I kept forgetting that one line. Also, I wasn't trying to be obnoxious. I was going to send the file to a friend who had not yet heard me play or sing, and I wanted to make sure he knew it was me by the sound of my speaking voice. It is quite different from the one I attempt to sing with.
Well You want constructive Critisism here it is.

It was good singing, but there were a number of problems.

1)Your Guitar Playing was out of time, and you completely changed the chorus guitar, but changing it takes some power out of the chorus. in the chorus it goes E Esus4 B A
2)THe guitar playing lacked feeling. THat song is one of my favourite songs, and i felt no feeling in your guitar. the chord changes were kind of choppy, id like to know how you fingered that. yOu needed to emphasise the final chord in the change.
3)You got the lyrics in the second verse wrong. Its " THe Pains Gonna make everything, alright..." But you had "She thinks everything is aright" or something.

Sorry for being so harsh but i think you totally botched this one, except for the singing.
Yea man your singing is pretty good if you worked on it more it could be really good. The guitar playing is wayy off time n everything but alright for 2 weeks.