Heyy... this is our band performing paint it black by rolling stones. it is very different from the rolling stones version as it is based on the cover which mig ayesa did in inxs rockstar but wit a small guitar solo. v did it in a cheap recording studio. so id rly appreciate if u can post ur comments and ur constructive critisism. tnx.

this is the link
Don't like the way you cut the "Black"s short in the verse. I do however like the more american melow sounding voice and guitar solo. The piano fills don't quite do it for me though.
yea tnx alt 4 ur cmnt. actually wut happnd was v really ddnt av much money 2 spend 4 da stdio so v cldnt even play back our recording again. so wut v did was we took the tracks and i mixed it at mi home. btw i play lead guitar. tnx
i like it! great cover.

i agree with Mig_853 about the 'black' in the verse.

but good job!
i had a little trouble listening to the song (because wmp is a memory *****) but when i did get a listen, i enjoyed it, i liked the vocals and how you and your band sort of made your own version, but i felt like there was too much base, it sounded like the lead guitar was sort of drowned out by the drums and bass at times, but maybe that was just because of your studio