Hey I listen to stuff like Ed Gein, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Cutting Pink With Knives, The Fall of Troy, and The Blood Brothers. I was wondering if anyone knew any bands that resemble these style. I especially enjoy higher vocals/screaming and extremely fast and insane guitars that scream out and tear things apart. What ever happened to the stickied recommendation thread? =(

Anyways, any suggestions would be great, ^_^

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um, yes it is.

sry if you havent heard of it, death metal bands that wear girl jeans = emodeath
Just downloaded the free songs they have up, I'm liking it =). Thanks man. I think my favorite so far is The Broken Vow from Jane Doe. But I haven't listened to all of the free mp3's yet, so I can't be sure =P.
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circle takes the square not hardcore but as really high screams
Fear Before The March of Flames
The Number 12 Looks Like You
Saetia same as CTTS

oh and the hills have eyes same vocalist as The Fall Of Troy but better screams
Woahhh, I'm loving The Hills Have Eyes! I already listen to Fear Before, and the Number 12. I'll check out those other bands in a sec. I'm reveling in The Hills Have Eyes at the moment, heh.


Eh, Saetia has a really cool scream. But that guy can't sing worth a ****. =P.
I No Know Karatea In My Soup
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the red chord

Ed Gein are great though
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RHCPhysco for the win.

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that dude knows what hes talking about.

i completely second Destroyer Destroyer, Robinson(who are amazing live), and Dr.Acula.

If you wanna hear some screamo, check out Tunes For Bears ToDance To, and Love Like Electrocution. And Hot Cross, they are amazing.
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The Red Chord.
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Pig Destroyer


Bodies In The Gears of the Apparatus

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Kill the Client

By the way, anyone have the new Destroyer Destroyer or the Robinson full length? I can't find them on Soulseek.
Haha Robinson for sure. I listen to chaotic music all the time and I still have trouble following these guys sometimes