Hi guys,

Yet another question on Distortion pedals (will it ever end?? ). Well at least it's slightly different. I quite like the sound from the Digitech range (from the demos that I checked out at the D.tech website). My influences range from Metal to Hardcore. So I was wondering if you guys had to pick which one - which would you go for?

Scott Ian's Black 13 (I really like S.O.D. That's what drew me to this pedal)
Digitech ? Death Metal (Thought the sound was pretty cool)
Digitech ? Metal Master (I believe this has a ?morphing? feature. Do you guys know that if it has the same sounds contained in their Death Metal Pedal? - it seems to have a few pedals in one or something like that).

Now, I realize there are going to be a few guys out there that will tell me to buy a better amp, and I'm know you are right. But due to space and budget I can't really afford to get one. Also, after reading the forum I see a lot of dudes advocating Boss D. pedals. What put me off the Boss was that it did not have an output for a mixer, and I'd really like a pedal that has that option, as most of my stuff will be demos my 8 track.


DO NOT GET THE DEATH METAL!!!!!!!!! my biggest waste of almost $100

Get the Metal Masters for sure, once i sell my deathmetal im going to buy the metal masters
yea the Death metal sucks ass sounds like **** unless your playing in an emo faget ass band.
the Black-13 sounds ok but i dont think mines hooked up right but some one told me that theirs to of them out a silver one that has more of a bluses sounds ... and a black one that is grungry.. But the Metal Master is the best chose .....and fill out the worrenty cus my bro went through 2 of thos