Hi I'm Bryan and I joined this website because I need help on picking a good electric guitar that won't cost me more than $300 and a pickup for my Epi Les Paul Jiunior that won't cost me more then $60

These are the guitars that I've been looking at:

ESP LTD M-100 FM [Bolt-on 25.5" scale maple neckAgathis body with flamed maple top, Rosewood fretboard with XJ frets and model name at 12th fret, ESP LH-100 pickup set, Volume, 3-way switch, tone controls, Black hardware, Floyd Rose-licensed tremolo]

Squier M80 Special

* Basswood body
* Set mahogany neck
* 2 Duncan Designed humbuckers
* Platinum hardware
* 2 volume and 2 tone controls
* Adjustable bridge with stop tailpiece
* 3-way switching

I also looked at a mexican strat for $300, but I didn't like the way it sounded that much.

These are some of the pick ups that I've been looking at:

I looked up the Dimarzio DP151 PAF Pro(Wiring: 4 Conductor,Magnet: Alnico 5,Output: 300,DC Resistance: 8.4) Price: $55


And the DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion Pickup (Hot output, Mid-boost, 4-conductor versatility, Coil-splitting possibilities) Price: $59.95


I also looked at the DiMarzio Tone Zone.
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I think he meant "what kind of rock?" but anyways what i said would work for all rock.
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I think he meant "what kind of rock?" but anyways what i said would work for all rock.

I'm also looking into buying a new amp for under 200.

This what I'm thinking of buying.

* 15W
* 8" speaker
* Real tube-power sound from Vox Valve Reactor circuit
* Real 12AX7 triode tube and low-wattage tube power circuit
* 11 amp models
* 11 high-quality effects
* User programs
* Preset mode for quick model access
* Knob-based interface for easy editing
* Manual mode for real time adjustments
* Headphone/line out jack

lol doing you know of a good flanger pedal?
Those Vox amps are really nice, stay away from marshall mgs and spider 2 line 6 though.
Dont buy the LTD you posted, its wood is so bad it might as well be plywood.
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