ok....... hmm well they were alright when my GF got me into punk i was alright with it but ma now i cant stand them an i donno why i dont like the guys voice, not much of a punk fan anymore either,
less than jake rules, but i like their ska stuff more than their newer pop punk stuff. ive seen them live twice, and theyre an amazing live band.

LTJ is awesome, i prefer anthem..

shes gonna break.. and that why they... are my favorites, and kinda one of the reasons i started playing guitar. (i feel too related to the 2nd one..).
I like some of their older stuff, but their newest songs are pretty bad in my opinion.
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Don't like what I've heard of the new stuff, but Anthem was good. As is the older stuff ingeneral. Not all of it, but they have some proper good songs.
idk i think less than jake really should be in the punk/ska forums. yes, their new stuff is more pop punk, but for most of their career, they were a ska band.
I liked them when they were more punk/ska, but their new stuff is pretty crappy.
I like the latest song but the other two ive heard (over-rated and something else) i thought were pretty bad.
yeah i really didnt like the last cd. i think the only song worth gettin from that, is Rest Of My Life. i dont get why they completely drowned out their horns. the trombone, and sax players are still in the band. theyre probably just their to play live.
i reckon their best album is "hello rockview". nuthn but classics on that...
"borders and boundaries" was a bit meh, but "Anthem" was cool..
"B is for b-sides", with the exception of Jay Frenzal, all sounds like one song
havn't heard "In with the out crowd" yet...

I Animals!!! They're Delicious!!!

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I really like their new songs "Landslides & Landmines" and "The rest of my life". The rest of my life was co-written w/ Mark Hoppus.
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i have their anthem album and hello rockview album but i dont like them as much anymore..theyre like a mix between smash mouth and some other new age band..its weird...their ok, altho im nt into them much at all anymore, but i respect the fact that other ppl actually hav heard of them