This Is A Song About The End Of All,According To Norse Mythology

Ragnarok - SoH

[Verse 1

Soldiers fight they fight all night
i wish that there was peace
the gods they came,they started war
i wish that Loki died!


End of all,End of the gods
I Wish that Thor will stay alive

[Verse 2

Women pray they pray all night
'Cause Sif wants peace for Thor
Good luck for Sif,as Thor is down
cause Loki layed a trap


End of all,The End of gods
I Wish that Thor will stay alive


you know what? i really dont like this X6

[Verse 3

The men they slept,they slept all night
They hoped that there was peace,
then Loki came and killed them all,
they wish that Loki died!
[Chorus 3x/fade out]
Hmm....i liked this song it was intresting..not like most songs but this song had its own thing going on, 7/10...

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Cool to see some fantasy stuff here, for most people seem to write about love.
That song is simple, but pretty funny because it has some Manowar-like flair. The text is easy to remember, so I could imagine some people who sing along with you after a few times they heared it =)
But you have to watch out not to making cheap lyrics, maybe you could flavour it out a bit.
^ seconded.

Äh, Sie wollen also mit Schlitz.
i recommend you buy/download Amon Amarth's new album "With Oden On Our Side". You might fall in love:P fukken great album
Nice job. I love reading fantasy songs. Anyways, I thought this was a pretty good piece. It was mystical, yet simple at the same time. I don't know if that was your intention, but you blended the two pretty well together. I hope to see more Norse influenced writing from you.

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