Power on, wait about 30 seconds, then turn the standby off.

Some tube amps don't have standby. If it doesn't, just turn it on and wait a little while.
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so i press standy on for a few seconds and then press power on?

what about switching it on.

i feel like such a noob
Switch power on first. That will get power going to your tubes. Get them to warm up. Then turn your standby switch off after about 30 seconds. What model amp is it?
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Ok...looking at your amp with the power switches on your right, make sure both are flipped down. First, flip the "power" switch up. Wait 30 seconds. Then flip your standby switch up to the "on" position (this is actually incorrect since you're turning the standby off, but whatever).
Hi, I'm Peter
Doesn't matter. Just turn both off at the same time. Or turn standby off first then the power off.
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From a post I made in another thread.

Quote by IlIk2plygUItAr
Wow my tube amp doesnt even have a standby switch, so I have to turn it on with the volume at 0.

No you don't. Go ahead and leave the volume up, won't hurt anything.

The standby switch was first built to allow you to turn off the amp for a short period of time without waiting for the tube heaters to warm up when you want to play. A standby isn't necessary at all though, and just turning down the volume doesn't at all replace the use of a standby switch. Turning down the volume turns down the guitar volume. The standby switch shuts off all the current to the tubes except for the current. While it may be true that the standby switch makes the tubes last longer, your tubes will start sounding gross before they *have* to be replaced. So if you don't have a standby, don't worry about it, and if you do, don't get to high on it.

And when you turn off the amp, it's better to turn the power straight off, there's no reason to use the standby switch. Flip it off, and the amp turns off, then flip standby. Doing this allows the amp to drain current once you're done.
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I asked Power freak specifically about that Pink, and he said it makes no difference one way or the other shutting them off. He said it wouldn't damage the capacitors if they held a charge or not. What is the point of draining them unless you are going to work on it? I have some very old caps in my Mark, so I don't want to do anything detrimental.
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Yeah true, it doesn't make much of a difference anymore, but I open up my amps all the time, so for me it's just habit. I just consider it better practice, because it diminishes the probability of getting shocked from almost nothing to pretty much nothing.
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
Wow... I've never been so confused in my life...

So... You wann turn the stand by on... Wait for abotu a minute.. Then switch power on... And when your done turn the power off... Wait then Turn the standby off..

Is that right?

Because I am so confused right now....
Quote by Dirk Gently

ON = Power ---> Standby

OFF = doesn't matter

God sake this is stupid...

Ok. Ive just literally on the spot made up little code names.

PN = Power On

PF = Power Off

SN = Standby On

SF = Standby off..

Tell me in which order liek that for expample... Turning on = PN - SF or whatever it is...