Hey everyone.

I am looking into getting a new guitar and amp, and I will be able to spend about £400 on each.

I would want to be able to play a wide range of music. I would want it to have a nice clean, A nice blues tone, a great classic rock tone and also good metal tone.

I will want the amp to be tube, and not too small, but also not too big either, approx 30-50W should be good.

I have been looking at the Marshall DSL401 it looks to be perfect for what I want. Would this amp suit my needs, or is there another amp you would suggest?

MArshall DSL401 - http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/options.php?id=283

For the guitar I have thought of a few options. A Fender fat Strat may be good. Also maybe an Epiphone Les Paul (will decide which one if you think these are best). Also I've looked at a PRS SE EGH which looks good, has H-S-S and isn't as generic as the other two. The last one I've really looked into is the Ibanez RG1570, after all the hype about it on this site it does look pretty sweet, but it is important for the guitar to be able to do all the things I want because I don't feel I've progressed enough to really move into one specific area, so how would the Ibanez RG1570 do for all the other things I want from my guitar?

One last thing to note is that I am only able to get a guitar and amp from www.GAK.co.uk. Remember that I also cannot buy from ebay or any other online shop.

Thank you for your time and I will be grateful for any replies I get.
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I didnt look at that site and am not sure about the exchange rate but i would look at somthing with some gibson P90's for pups i think they are awsome and the gibby SG classic is a steal with those in it for 800$ US These pickups are awsome try to find one to play if you can. You can play just about anything through them with the right settings.

As for the amp i would look of course at marshall. Then maybe laney, trace elliot

If you are looking for a good clean blues tone fender amp would be you best bet and u can get an alright classic rock tone but anything to heavy and they just arent suited very well.

Again i dont know if you can but try looking at a B52 212 combo they have many modes and would make a great rock classic rock and hard rock amp but i am not sure about the blues again
Hey thanks for replying, I wouldn't be able to get the Gibson SG classic as it seems to be out of my price range and it is also not on the GAK website. I think I'd rather not have soapbar pickups, I don't really know why, just preference I guess.

I like the MArshall DSL401 and I would be happy going and buying it, however I was wondering if anyone could suggest a better amp for the money? I will look into the Laney amps as I've read good things about them on this site.

Will the Marshall be good for all the tones I want?
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